Easter 2021


2009scape is celebrating our first Easter event in April of 2021! This event has currently ended but creating a page to capture this moment in time where you once had to go on an easter egg hunt in 09.

Getting Started

Meet up with this Easter bunny to get started. The bunny is located in Lumbridge. The bunny gives you a basket to collect eggs.

Where were the eggs?

  • Varrock
  • Falador
  • Draynor
  • Lumbridge
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold


Credits - The exploit for people who claimed thousands of eggs due to a bug and not reporting it. Events will no longer have credit rewards after this.
The Bunny Hop Emote - should be obtainable every Easter so this won't be the last time you see this as an unlock.

Community Event

While the Holiday event was going on a Community event was also taking place where you had to find one of the developers that turned into a bunny and hid around the map.

Update History

04 April 2021
  • Added to 2009scape (Update)

  • Note: If you see something not on this page that currently is in-game please let Summer know.